brand design – branding workshop

Create the base for a solid corporate design to clearly differentiate your company from competitors.

In the brand design module our team will align the current brand design or create a new concept based on the results of the research and strategy modules.
We present up to three different design concepts. The favored concept will be corrected and elaborated if necessary.

Developing a visual identity

How can I develop a consistent visual identity that resonates with my target audience and supports my brand strategy?

Update appearance

How can I keep my branding current and relevant?

Align design with brand strategy

How can I align my look and feel with brand strategy to ensure my brand is communicated effectively?

Build internal consensus

How can I build consensus and ensure that all employees are familiar with the brand's values and working toward the same goals?

Improve customer experience

How can I improve the customer experience to build trust and loyalty with my customers?

visuveda® brand design manual


logo design

Based on the Brand Strategy Guidelines, we develop logos and wordmarks for your company, products or services.

color palette

We define the colors for your corporate design and establish color codes for all relevant color systems.

imagery and iconography

We define the use of pictures, photographs, icons and other graphic elements to communicate a message or to create a particular mood or atmosphere.


We define the primary and secondary fonts to be used for your brand, as well as specific guidelines for using those fonts in different

layout and design

We create guidelines for the layout and design of materials, such as brochures, business cards, and website pages.

tone and voice

We set the brand's tone and voice, which refers to the language and style used in all written and designed materials.

visuveda® branding workshop

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Brand Strategy.

Dynamic Design Templates.

Brand Asset Management.

Marketing SOPs.

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