Roll-Up Design

The Roll-Up is an inexpensive but effective marketing tool for your trade show presence.


Roll-Ups are particularly suitable for attracting attention at large exhibitions or trade fairs. Due to the relatively large advertising space, roll-ups offer plenty of room for individual design options. Not only can you present your company prominently at trade shows and conventions, but you can also effectively showcase new products and services.

Classic Roll-Ups are vertical posters, usually 85 cm wide and 200 cm high, which can be retracted and extended with a stand. The base with the roller system serves as a stand into which the roll-up design can be rolled up. Roll-Ups are easy to transport, quick and easy to expand and very simple to set up. Roll-Ups are one of the most popular advertising media because they can be quickly and individually replaced and do not require a long production time. Due to the large format, they attract a lot of attention, and are easily visible from a distance. Roll-ups can be used for short-term as well as for permanent use. Changing campaign motifs are worthwhile due to the low production costs.

we know what matters

We have implemented the classic advertising medium many times and are always learning. Through constant consultation with our customers we know what works well and what was rather a bad idea. We incorporate this experience into every new project – this is how we and our roll-ups continually improve.

finding the right roll-ups

For the reasons mentioned above, there are a variety of sizes and designs of roll-ups. So even the research to find the right roll-up can be very time consuming. It makes sense to clarify some questions in advance: How often should the Roll-Up be used? How does the transport look like? Outdoor use? Does it have to go really, really fast again? etc… We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and share our expertise on the subject of roll-ups.

Roll-Up System

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