brand strategy workshop

Develop a strategy that increases your brand's value, generates new customers and retains existing customers.

The goal of the brand strategy workshop is to work with your team to develop an effective brand strategy based on solid data and insights.

With this workshop, we help you clarify your brand’s unique value proposition, personality and target audience, and ensure that all aspects of your brand are aligned with your business goals.

Positioning the brand

How to identify and articulate unique value proposition, brand personality and target audience to attract, retain customers and differentiate from competitors?

Align business objectives

How can your brand be aligned with corporate objectives to ensure the brand adds value to the business?

Build internal consensus

How do you ensure that all employees are aligned with the brand's goals and values and are working toward the same goals?

Identify growth opportunities

How can growth and innovation opportunities, whether through new products, services or markets, be identified?

Improve customer experience

How can the customer experience be improved to build trust and loyalty with your customers?

visuveda® brand strategy guidelines


purpose – mission – vision

We define the purpose, mission and vision of your brand and create a clear and distinct brand identity.

brand personality

We create a personality for your brand to differentiate it from your competitors and ultimately strengthen customer loyalty.

target audience

We identify your target audience and determine potential customer needs and preferences in relation to your brand.


We define the brand idea and create the brand message as a guideline for all communication and marketing activities.

branding roadmap

We make a plan that outlines the steps necessary to create, manage and evolve your brand.

creative brief

We create a guide for everyone working with the brand to ensure that all branding efforts are consistent and effective.


The participation of the management and at least one person from marketing or business development is desirable.


Two dates of 3 hours each are planned.
The dates will be agreed individually before the start of the workshop.


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The appointments can also take place virtually if desired.

brand strategy workshop

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