Corporate Design + Branding

Branding is a creative process that transforms a name into a personality and brings a static idea to life.

Naming + Claiming

Logo development

Business cards + letterheads


Business Reports

CD Manuals

Image brochures + Catalogues

Corporate Design is our supreme discipline.

Everything we do begins with detailed research. We analyse market trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and deep dive into your brand.

Our sense of crea­ti­vity is struc­tured yet or­ganic. Fin­ding the true es­sence of your brand en­ables us to com­mu­ni­cate and vi­sua­lize an emo­tional re­sponse. A per­fect ba­lance of form and func­tion.


A con­cise logo is the basis for the ex­ternal pre­sen­ta­tion of your com­pany. From the sign to the busi­ness card, from the let­ter­head to the ad­ver­ti­se­ment, we give your com­pany an un­mistakable ap­pearance and a high re­co­gni­tion in all media.

Print Media

We con­ceive, de­sign and text your printed pro­ducts. Al­ways per­fectly tailored to the re­qui­re­ments of your com­pany and your target group.


Pre­sen­ta­tions should con­vince busi­ness part­ners, banks and custo­mers. We vi­sua­lize com­plex con­tents and take over the con­cep­tion of your cor­po­rate and product pre­sen­ta­tions.