stakeholder interviews

By interviewing your employees and partners, we learn more about their motivations and expectations regarding your brand.


Through stakeholder interviews, you can better understand their perspectives and motivations, as well as their expectations and experiences with the organization. This information can then be used to inform the development of a successful brand identity, message, and strategy.

A stakeholder interview helps to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the project are on the same page and understand the direction the brand is going. It also helps to identify any potential issues that may come up before the project is launched. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for stakeholders to provide valuable input on the project and give feedback on the brand’s messaging and strategy.

Who are the stakeholders?

1. Company Owners/Leaders
2. Brand Managers/Marketing Teams
3. Designers
4. Employees
5. Advertising/PR Agencies
6. Customers/Clients
7. Shareholders/Investors
8. Suppliers/Vendors
9. The Public/Media

What are your expectations for the brand?
What challenges and opportunities do you see for the brand?
What do you think are the key elements of the brand’s identity?
How would you describe the brand’s current strengths and weaknesses?
Who are the target audiences for the brand and what do they respond to?
What are the brand’s competitive advantages?
What do you think sets the brand apart from its competitors?
What do you think the brand should communicate to its audiences?
What do you think the brand should prioritize in order to reach its goals?
What are your thoughts on the brand’s current messaging and visual identity?