creative brief

We create a guide for everyone working with the brand to ensure that all branding efforts are consistent and effective.


The creative brief typically includes details about the target audience, the key objectives for the branding project, the messaging and positioning, the creative look and feel, and the timeline. It also provides guidance on how to measure the success of the project.

1. Background Information: This should include a brief overview of the company, its products and services, and its target audience.
2. Objectives: The objectives of the project should be clearly stated and measurable goals should be set.
3. Audience: A detailed description of the target audience should be included, including demographics and psychographics.
4. Messaging: The main points of the message should be outlined along with a description of the desired tone of voice and the primary benefit of the brand.
5. Design Considerations: This should include a description of the desired visual style and elements, colors, and fonts.
6. Creative Deliverables: A detailed list of deliverables should be outlined, including timelines and budgets.
7. Evaluation Criteria: A description of how the creative brief will be evaluated should be included.