We develop and define the core attributes of your brand, ensuring clarity for your customers and distinguishing your company from competitors. By establishing a strong brand identity, we help foster deeper connections between your employees and your business, enhancing motivation and engagement throughout your organization.

Branding Workshop

01 Information Gathering

02 Analysis and Workshop Preparation

Our Brand Discovery Module has been designed to gather and analyze vital data relating to your brand and target audience. It offers a unique opportunity for you to gain a more profound understanding of your customers, industry trends, and competitors. This, in turn, enables you to make informed decisions that will shape the future of your brand.

The Brand Discovery Module is conducted remotely and requires that all participants take approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete the online surveys provided by us.


03 Workshop Session I

04 Workshop Session II

Our aim with the Brand Strategy Module is to collaborate with your team in order to formulate a successful brand strategy and guarantee that all elements of your brand are in sync with your business objectives.

Ideally, the workshop sessions are conducted on-site in Berlin and are completed within a single day. However, if necessary, a remote event is also a feasible option.

05 Visual Brand Identity

06 Creative Briefings

In the Brand Design Module, our team will either refine your current brand design or develop a new concept in accordance with your brand strategy. 

We will present up to three distinct design concepts from which you may select your preferred option. Once chosen, the favored design will be reviewed, revised, and finalized, as needed. The Brand Design Manual will then be created solely for the approved design.