Artificial intelligence is changing the creative industry and impacting how we plan and execute marketing campaigns, create content, and create designs.

Yes, we too are using ChatGPT and other AI tools. That’s because they offer new and efficient ways to do our job. We know that AI will have a greater impact on our work – however, we also know that technology cannot replace human imagination and critical thinking. Rather, it is the combination of AI and these human skills that leads to better results.

AI algorithms can create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. However, AI-generated content is not always unique or creative. They often lack the human touch and understanding of context.

In our job, we need to be empathetic to identify what needs or problems exist. We need to be able to understand and categorize people’s thoughts, emotions and motives in order to develop solutions. Artificial intelligence will not change this fact and is therefore only a tool. Admittedly, a very powerful tool.

As the technology evolves, the potential to optimize creative workflows will continue to grow. For this reason, we are actively looking into it and are happy to pass on the new possibilities to our partners and customers. It’s exciting and it’s going to stay exciting.

In this sense: A healthy and successful 2023 with real chats from person to person