The addition of individual pages, corrections, text and image adjustments, the appropriate search engine optimization and many other details that need to be taken into account can be time-consuming and distract from the actual core business. Fast and professional maintenance of company websites and online stores saves time and resources in your company.


Especially with content management systems like WordPress and with the integration of plug-ins and add-ons from third parties, permanent updates are essential for protection against attacks from viruses, Trojans and spambots. Regular updates, backups, database backups and security checks significantly reduce the risk.

1) Up-to-date content is important ranking factor
A website that is not updated regularly quickly ends up at the bottom of search results or, in the worst case, does not appear on the first page of search results at all. Regularly updated websites are checked more often by search engines for new content and, in contrast to a static page, are classified as more relevant and positioned higher.

2) Up-to-date content keeps visitors coming back
A website that is regularly updated with new content encourages users to visit the site more often. A modern website tells stories and informs potential customers and partners about services, products and activities.

3) Search engine optimized content
Simply putting new content on the web is usually not enough. All content should be designed and formatted for search engine optimization right from the start.

4) Quick reaction to current events
The timely provision of editorial content, usually within a few hours, gives you the opportunity to react to market changes or to spontaneously inform about news in your company.

5) Time saving
Your website is monitored, optimized, updated and secured around the clock – at a fraction of the time you would spend doing it yourself.

6) Less resources required
One point of contact for all issues, whether technical support or online marketing. This eliminates the need to assign staff or take them away from their actual tasks.

7) Transparent and predictable costs
With full-service support, a defined scope of services is billed monthly. This way you can order updates or additions to your website without additional costs.

8) Datenbank Backups und Sicherheitsüberprüfungen
Wöchentliche Datenbankbackups und tägliche Sicherheitsüberprüfungen geben Ihnen Gewissheit das alles einwandfrei läuft und Ihre Seiten im worst case zeitnah wieder herstellbar ist.

9) Keyword Ranking
Sie erhalten Informationen zum Keyword Ranking ihrer Website und die ihrer Mitbewerber. So lässt sich die Suchmaschinenoptimierung gezielter und effizienter gestalten.

10) Statistik und Reporting
Sie erhalten wöchentlich detaillierte Angaben zu Software-Updates, Optimierungen, durchgeführten Backups, durchgeführten Sicherheits-Scans und Details zu Google Analytics und Ihrem SEO Keyword Ranking.